Test Bank for What is Life A Guide to Biology with Physiology 3rd Edition by Phelan

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Test Bank for What is Life A Guide to Biology with Physiology 3rd Edition by Phelan

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Part 1 THE FACTS OF LIFE 1. Scientific Thinking | Your best pathway to understanding the world 2. Chemistry | Raw materials and fuel for our bodies 3. Cells | The smallest part of you 4. Energy | From the sun to you in just two stepsPart 2 GENETICS, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR 5. DNA, Gene Expression, and Biotechnology | What is the code, and how is it harnessed? 6. Chromosomes and Cell Division | Continuity and variety 7. Genes and Inheritance | Family resemblance: how traits are inherited 8. Evolution and Natural Selection | Darwin’s dangerous idea 9. Evolution and Behavior | Communication, cooperation, and conflict in the animal worldPart 3 EVOLUTION AND THE DIVERSITY OF LIFE 10. The Origin and Diversification of Life on Earth | Understanding biodiversity 11. Animal Diversification | Visibility in motion 12. Plant and Fungi Diversification | Where did all the plants and fungi come from? 13. Evolution and Diversity among the Microbes | Bacteria, archaea, protists, and viruses: the unseen worldPart 4 ECOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT 14. Population Ecology | Planet at capacity: patterns of population growth 15. Ecosystems and Communities | Organisms and their environments 16. Conservation and Biodiversity | Human influences on the environmentPart 5 PLANT LIFE 17. Plant Structure and Nutrient Transport | How plants function and why we need them 18. Growth and Reproduction in Plants | Problem solving with flowers and wood . 19. Plants Respond to their Environments | Defending and regulating while rooted in the ground .Part 6 HEALTH AND PHYSIOLOGY 20. Introduction to Animal Physiology | Principles of animal organization and function 21. Circulation and Respiration | Transporting fuel, raw materials, and gases into, out of, and around the body 22. Nutrition and Digestion | At rest and at play: optimizing human physiological functioning 23. Nervous and Motor Systems | Actions, reactions, sensations, and addictions: meet your nervous system 24. Hormones | Mood, emotions, growth, and more: hormones as master regulators . 25. Reproduction and Development | From two parents to one embryo to one baby 26. Immunity and Health | How the body defends and maintains itself

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