Test Bank for The World A History by Fernandez Armesto

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Test Bank for The World A History by Fernandez Armesto

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for The World A History by Fernandez Armesto. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Table of ContentsPART 1 — THE DIVERGENT SPECIES: THE BEGINNINGS OF DIVERSITY, CA. 160,000 TO 3,000 YEARS AGO 1. Of Ice and Mud: From Africa to the World, from Foraging to Farming 2. The Great River Valleys: Accelerating Change and Developing States 3. The Multiplication of Civilizations: Ambition and InstabilityPART 2 — THE AGE OF EMPIRES, FROM 1,000 B.C.E. TO 200 C.E. 4. Rebuilding the World: Recoveries, New Initiatives, and Their Limits 5. The Great Schools: New Thinking in the Age of Sages 6. The Great Empires: Cultural Exchange in Big StatesPART 3 — FITFUL TRANSITIONS, FROM THE THIRD CENTURY TO THE TENTH CENTURY 7. Post-imperial Worlds: Problems of Empires in Eurasia and Africa 8. The Rise of World Religions: Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism 9. Remaking the World: Innovation and Renewal of Environmental Frontiers in the Late First MillenniumPART 4 — CONTACTS AND CONFLICTS, 1000 C.E. TO 1200 C.E. 10. Contending with Isolation: Initiatives in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries 11. The Nomadic Frontiers: The Islamic World, Byzantium, and ChinaPART 5 — THE CRUCIBLE: THE EURASIAN CRISES OF THE THIRTEENTH AND FOURTEENTH CENTURIES 12. The World the Mongols Made: Trans-Eurasian Links 13. The Revenge of Nature: Plague and Cold in the Fourteenth Century 14. Expanding Worlds: Recovery in the Late Fourteenth and Fifteenth CenturiesPART 6 — CONVERGENCE AND DIVERGENCE, TO CA. 1700 15. Imperial Arenas: New Empires in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 16. The Ecological Revolution: The Global Redistribution of Life-forms 17. Mental Revolutions: Religion and Science in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 18. States and Societies: Political and Social Change in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth CenturiesPART 7 — GLOBAL ENLIGHTENMENTS, 1700—1800 19. Driven by Growth: The Global Economy in the Eighteenth Century 20. The Age of Global Interaction: Expansion and Intersection of Eighteenth-Century Empires 21. The Exchange of Enlightenments: Eighteenth-Century ThoughtPART 8 — THE FRUSTRATIONS OF PROGRESS, TO CA. 1900 22. Replacing Muscle: The Energy Revolutions 23. The Social Mold: Work and Society in the Nineteenth Century 24. Western Dominance in the Nineteenth Century 25. The Changing State: Nineteenth Century PoliticsPART 9 — CHAOS AND COMPLEXITY: THE WORLD IN THE TWENTIETH AND TWENTY-FIRST CENTURIES 26. The Twentieth-Century Mind: Western Science and the World 27. Order Unraveled: The Trial of Empires, c.1898 — c.1931 28. The Anvil of War: Ideology and Violence, c.1931 — c.1957 29. Paradise Postponed: Cold War between Planned Societies, c.1957 — c.1980 30. World Order and Disorder: Capitalist Convergence and Conflicts of Culture, c.1980 — c.2010 31. The Embattled Biosphere: The Twentieth-Century Environment

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