Test Bank for The Pharmacy Technician 3rd Edition by Moini

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Test Bank for The Pharmacy Technician 3rd Edition by Moini

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SECTION I: INTRODUCTION. 1. History of Pharmacy. 2. The Foundation of Pharmaceutical Care. 3. Pharmacy Law and Ethics for Technicians. SECTION II: ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE FOR THE PHARMACY TECHNICIAN. 4. Pharmaceutical and Medical Terminology and Abbreviations. 5. Dosage Forms and Routes of Administration. 6. Microbiology. 7. Immunology and Vaccines. 8. Safety in the Workplace. 9. Nutrition. 10. Drug Actions and Interactions. 11. Medication Errors. SECTION III: BODY SYSTEMS WITH COMMON DISORDERS AND TREATMENTS. 12. Integumentary System. 13. Musculoskeletal System. 14. Nervous System. 15. Sight and Hearing. 16. Endocrine System. 17. Cardiovascular System. 18. Lymphatic System. 19. Respiratory System. 20. Urinary System. 21. Digestive System. 22. Reproductive System. SECTION IV: MATHEMATICS AND CALCULATIONS REVIEW. 23. Basic Mathematics. 24. Measurement Systems. 25. Calculation of Dosages. SECTION V: PHARMACY PRACTICE SETTINGS. 26. Hospital Pharmacy Practice. 27. Community Pharmacy. 28. Advanced Pharmacy. 29. Extemporaneous Prescription Compounding. 30. Sterile Compounding. SECTION VI: ADMINISTRATIVE. 31. Financial Management of Pharmacy Operations. 32. Health Insurance. 33. Documentation, Billing, and Collections. 34. Inventory Control. 35. Computers in the Pharmacy. 36. Communications.

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