Test Bank for Principles of Microeconomics 11th Edition by Case

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Test Bank for Principles of Microeconomics 11th Edition by Case

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Table of ContentsPart I: INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMICSCh. 1: The Scope and Method of EconomicsCh.?2: The Economic Problem: Scarcity and ChoiceCh?3: Demand, Supply, and Market EquilibriumCh. 4: Demand and Supply ApplicationsCh. 5:? ElasticityPart II: THE MARKET SYSTEM: CHOICES MADE BY HOUSEHOLDS AND FIRMSCh. 6:? Household Behavior and Consumer ChoiceCh. 7: The Production Process: The Behavior of Profit-Maximizing FirmsCh. 8: Short-Run Costs and Output Decisions?Ch. 9: Long-Run Costs and Output DecisionsCh. 10: Input Demand: The Labor and Land MarketsCh. 1:. Input Demand: The Capital Market and the Investment DecisionCh. 12: General Equilibrium and the Efficiency of Perfect CompetitionPart III: MARKET IMPERFECTIONS AND THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENTCh. 13: Monopoly and Antitrust PolicyCh. 14: OligopolyCh. 15: Monopolistic CompetitionCh. 16: Externalities, Public Goods, and Social ChoiceCh. 17: Uncertainty and Asymmetric InformationCh. 18: Income Distribution and PovertyCh. 19: Public Finance: The Economics of TaxationPart IV: THE WORLD ECONOMYCh. 20: International Trade, Comparative Advantage, and ProtectionismCh. 21: Economic Growth in Developing and Transitional Economies

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