Test Bank for Politics in America 10th Edition by Dye

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Test Bank for Politics in America 10th Edition by Dye

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PART I: POLITICS 1. Who Gets What, When, and How 2. Political Culture: Ideas in ConflictPART II: CONSTITUTION 3. The Constitution: Limiting Governmental Power 4. Federalism: Dividing Governmental PowerPART III: PARTICIPANTS 5. Opinion and Participation: Thinking and Acting in Politics 6. Mass Media: Setting the Political Agenda? 7. Political Parties: Organizing Politics 8. Campaigns and Elections: Deciding Who Governs 9. Interest Groups: Getting Their Share and MorePART IV: INSTITUTIONS 10. Congress: Politics on Capitol Hill 11. The President: White House Politics 12. The Bureaucracy: Bureaucratic Politics 13. Courts: Judicial PoliticsPART V: OUTCOMES 14. Politics and Personal Liberty 15. Politics and Civil Rights 16. Politics and the Economy 17. Politics and Social Welfare 18. Politics and National Security

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