Test Bank for Panorama A World History 1st Edition by Dunn

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Test Bank for Panorama A World History 1st Edition by Dunn

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PART ONE: SETTLING THE PLANET, Beginnings to the First Millennium B.C.E. Chapter 1: The Peopling of the World, 7,000,000–10,000 B.C.E. Chapter 2: Farms, Cities, and the New Agrarian Age, 10,000–2000 B.C.E. Chapter 3: Afroeurasia's Moving Frontiers: Farmers, Herders, and Charioteers, 3000–1000 B.C.E. Chapter 4: Early Odysseys in the Americas, Australia, and Oceania, 8000–500 B.C.E.PART TWO: AGRARIAN SOCIETIES AND THEIR INTERCONNECTIONS, 1200 B.C.E.–300 C.E. Chapter 5: Afroeurasia: Centers of Power, Trade, and New Ideas, 1200–600 B.C.E. Chapter 6: Empire-Building and Cultural Exchange from India to the Mediterranean, 600–200 B.C.E. Chapter 7: An Age of Giant Empires, 300 B.C.E.–300 C.E. Chapter 8: American Complexities, 900 B.C.E.–900 C.E.PART THREE: SHIFTING POWER, THICKENING WEBS; AFROEURASIA 200–1000 C.E. Chapter 9: Turbulent Centuries, 200–600 C.E. Chapter 10: Afroeurasia in the Era of Arab Empire, 500–800 C.E. Chapter 11: State Power and Expanding Networks of Exchange, 750–1000 C.E.PART FOUR: INTERCONNECTIONS AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES, 900–1500 Chapter 12: Dynamic Centuries across Afroeurasia, 1000–1250 Chapter 13: Afroeurasia in the Era of Mongol Power, 1200–1350 Chapter 14: Cities and Empires in the Americas, 900–1500 Chapter 15: Calamities and Recoveries across Afroeurasia, 1300–1500PART FIVE: THE GREAT WORLD CONVERGENCE, 1450–1750 Chapter 16: Oceans Crossed, Worlds Connected, 1450–1550 Chapter 17: Afroeurasia and Its Powerful States, 1500–1600 Chapter 18: The Expanding Global Economy: Expectations and Inequalities, 1550–1700 Chapter 19: The Changing Balance of Wealth and Power, 1650–1750PART SIX: THE MODERN WORLD TAKES SHAPE, 1750–1914 Chapter 20: Waves of Revolution, 1720–1830 Chapter 21: Energy and Industrialization, 1750–1850 Chapter 22: Coping with Change in the New Industrial Era, 1830–1870 Chapter 23: Capital, Technology, and the Changing Balance of Global Power, 1860–1914PART SEVEN: THE PROMISE AND THE PERILS OF ACCELERATING CHANGE, 1890-PRESENT Chapter 24: Innovation, Revolution, and Global Crisis, 1890–1920 Chapter 25: Turbulent Decades, 1918–1935 Chapter 26: World War II and Its Aftermath, 1933–1950 Chapter 27: The Global Boom and Its Contradictions, 1945–1975 Chapter 28: Countercurrents of Change, 1970 to the Present

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