Test Bank for Out of Many 8th Edition by Faragher

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Test Bank for Out of Many 8th Edition by Faragher

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1. A Continent of Villages, to 1500 2. When Worlds Collide, 1492—1590 3. Planting Colonies in North America, 1588—1701 4. Slavery and Empire, 1441—1770 5. The Cultures of Colonial North America, 1700—1780 6. From Empire to Independence, 1750—1776 7. The American Revolution, 1776—1786 8. The New Nation, 1786—1800 9. An Empire for Liberty, 1790—1824 10. The South and Slavery, 1790s—1850s 11. The Growth of Democracy, 1824—1840 12. Industry and the North, 1790s—1840s 13. Meeting the Challenges of the New Age 14. The Territorial Expansion of the United States, 1830s—1850s 15. The Coming Crisis, the 1850s 16. The Civil War, 1861—1865 17. Reconstruction, 1863—1877 18. Conquest and Survival 19. Production and Consumption in the Gilded Age, 1865—1900 20. Democracy and Empire, 1870—1900 21. Urban America and the Progressive Era, 1900—1917 22. A Global Power 23. The Twenties, 1920—1929 24. The Great Depression and the New Deal, 1929—1940 25. World War II, 1941—1945 26. The Cold War Begins, 1945—1952 27. America at Mid-Century, 1952—1963 28. The Civil Rights Movement, 1945—1966 29. War Abroad, War at Home, 1965—1974 30. The Conservative Ascendancy, 1974—1991 31. The United States in a Global Age, 1992—Present

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