Test Bank for Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada 2nd Edition by Perry

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Test Bank for Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada 2nd Edition by Perry

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Part 1: Maternal Child Nursing Unit 1: Introduction to Maternal Child Nursing 1. Contemporary Maternal Child Nursing in Canada 2. The Family and Culture 3. Community Care Part 2: Perinatal Nursing Unit 2: Introduction to Perinatal Nursing 4. Perinatal Nursing in Canada Unit 3: Women’s Health 5. Health Promotion 6. Health Assessment 7. Reproductive Health 8. Infertility, Contraception, and Abortion Unit 4: Pregnancy 9. Preconception, Genetics, Conception, and Fetal Development 10. Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy 11. Nursing Care During Pregnancy 12. Maternal and Fetal Nutrition 13. Pregnancy Risk Factors and Assessment: Maternal and Fetal 14. Pregnancy at Risk: Gestational Conditions 15. Pregnancy at Risk: Pre-existing Conditions Unit 5: Childbirth 16. Labour and Birth Processes 17. Nursing Care of the Family During Labour and Birth 18. Pain Management during Labour 19. Fetal Health Surveillance During Labour 20. Labour and Birth at Risk Unit 6: Postpartum Period 21. Maternal Physiological Changes 22. Nursing Care of the Family During the Postpartum Period 23. Transition to Parenthood 24. Postpartum Complications Unit 7: Newborn 25. Physiological Adaptations of the Newborn 26. Nursing Care of the Newborn and Family 27. Newborn Nutrition and Feeding 28. Infants with Gestational Age-Related Problems 29. The Newborn at Risk: Acquired and Congenital Problems Part 3: Pediatric Nursing Unit 8: Children, Their Families, and the Nurse 30. Pediatric Nursing in Canada 31. Family, Social, Cultural, and Religious Influences on Child Health Promotion 32. Developmental Influences on Child Health Promotion Unit 9: Assessment of the Child and Family 33. Communication, History, Physical, and Developmental Assessment 34. Pain Assessment and Management Unit 10: Health Promotion and Special Health Problems 35. The Infant and Family 36. The Toddler and Family 37. The Preschooler and Family 38. The School-Age Child and Family 39. The Adolescent and Family Unit 11: Special Needs, Illness, and Hospitalization 40. Chronic Illness, Disability, and End-of-Life Care 41. Cognitive and Sensory Impairment 42. Family-Centred Home Care 43. Reaction to Illness and Hospitalization 44. Pediatric Variations of Nursing Interventions Unit 12: Health Problems of Children 45. Respiratory Dysfunction 46. Gastrointestinal Dysfunction 47. Cardiovascular Dysfunction 48. Hematological and Immunological Dysfunction 49. Genitourinary Dysfunction 50. Cerebral Dysfunction 51. Endocrine Dysfunction 52. Integumentary Dysfunction 53. Musculoskeletal or Articular Dysfunction 54. Neuromuscular or Muscular Dysfunction

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