Test Bank for Learning and Memory 3rd Edition by Gluck

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Test Bank for Learning and Memory 3rd Edition by Gluck

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Learning and Memory 3rd Edition by Gluck. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Introductory Module 1. The Psychology of Learning and Memory 2. The Neuroscience of Learning and Memory Learning Module 3. Habituation, Sensitization, and Familiarization: Learning about Repeated Events 4. Classical Conditioning: Learning to Predict Important Events 5. Operant Conditioning: Learning the Outcome of Behaviors 6. Generalization and Discrimination Learning Memory Module 7. Episodic and Semantic Memory: Memory for Facts and Events 8. Skill Memory: Learning by Doing 9. Working Memory and Cognitive Control Integrative Topics Module 10. Emotional Influences on Learning and Memory 11. Social Learning and Memory: Observing, Interacting, and Reenacting 12. Development and Aging: Learning and Memory across the Lifespan

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