Test Bank for Law for Business 12th Edition by Barnes

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Test Bank for Law for Business 12th Edition by Barnes

Download FREE Sample Here for Test Bank for Law for Business 12th Edition by Barnes. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

PART ONE Introduction to the LawChapter 1: Law, Legal Reasoning, and the Legal ProfessionChapter 2: Dispute SettlementChapter 3: Business Ethics and Corporate Social ResponsibilityChapter 4: Business and the ConstitutionChapter 5: CrimesChapter 6: Intentional TortsChapter 7: Negligence and Strict LiabilityChapter 8: Licensing and Intellectual PropertyPART TWO ContractsChapter 9: The Nature and Origins of ContractsChapter 10: Creating a Contract: OffersChapter 11: Creating a Contract: AcceptancesChapter 12: ConsiderationChapter 13: Capacity to ContractChapter 14: Voluntary ConsentChapter 15: IllegalityChapter 16: The Form and Meaning of ContractsChapter 17: Third Parties Contract RightsChapter 18: Performance and RemediesPART THREE SalesChapter 19: Formation and Terms of Sales ContractsChapter 20: Warranties and Product LiabilityChapter 21: Performance of Sales ContractsChapter 22: Remedies for Breach of Sales ContractsPART FOUR Agency and EmploymentChapter 23: The Agency Relationship?Creation, Duties, and TerminationChapter 24: Liability of Principals and Agents to Third PartiesChapter 25: Employment LawsPART FIVE Business OrganizationsChapter 26: Which Form of Business Organization?Chapter 27: PartnershipsChapter 28: Formation and Termination of CorporationsChapter 29: Management of the Corporate BusinessChapter 30: Financing the Corporation and the Role of the ShareholdersChapter 31: Securities RegulationChapter 32: Legal Liability of AccountantsPART SIX PropertyChapter 33: Personal Property and BailmentsChapter 34: Real PropertyChapter 35: Landlord and TenantChapter 36: Estates and TrustsChapter 37: InsurancePART SEVEN Commercial PaperChapter 38: Negotiable InstrumentsChapter 39: Negotiation and Holder in Due CourseChapter 40: Liability of PartiesChapter 41: Checks and Electronic Fund TransfersPART EIGHT Credit TransactionsChapter 42: Introduction to SecurityChapter 43: Security Interests in Personal PropertyChapter 44: BankruptcyPART NINE Government RegulationChapter 45: The Antitrust LawsChapter 46: Consumer Protection LawsChapter 47: Environmental Regulation

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