Test Bank for Employment and Labor Law 9th Edition by Cihon

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Test Bank for Employment and Labor Law 9th Edition by Cihon

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Part I: COMMON-LAW EMPLOYMENT ISSUES. 1. First the Forest, Then the Trees: An Overview of Employment and Labor Law. 2. Employment Contracts and Wrongful Discharge. 3. Commonly Committed Workplace Torts. 4. Employee Privacy Rights in the 21st Century. 5. The Global Perspective: International Employment Law and American Immigration Policy. Part II: EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY. 6. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Race Discrimination. 7. Gender and Family Issues: Title VII and Other Legislation. 8. Discrimination Based on Religion and National Origin and Procedures under Title VII. 9. Discrimination Based on Age. 10. Discrimination Based on Disability. 11. Other Equal Employment Opportunity and Employment Legislation: Federal and State Laws. Part III: LABOR RELATIONS LAW. 12. The Rise of Organized Labor and Its Regulatory Framework. 13. The Unionization Process. 14. Unfair Labor Practices by Employers and Unions. 15. Collective Bargaining. 16. Picketing and Strikes. 17. The Enforcement and Administration of the Collective Agreement. 18. The Rights of Union Members. 19. Public Sector Labor Relations. Part IV: EMPLOYMENT LAW ISSUES. 20. Occupational Safety and Health. 21. The Employee's Safety Nets: Unemployment and Workers' Compensation, Social Security, and Retirement Plans. 22. The Fair Labor Standards Act.

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