Test Bank for Criminal Evidence 8th Edition by Hails

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Test Bank for Criminal Evidence 8th Edition by Hails

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1. Introduction. 2. The Role of the Courts. 3. The Adjudication Process. 4. Types of Evidence. 5. Direct and Circumstantial Evidence. 6. Witnesses. 7. Crime Scene Evidence and Experiments. 8. Documentary Evidence, Models, Maps, and Diagrams. 9. Hearsay and Its Exceptions. 10. Privileged Communications. 11. Developing Law of Search and Seizure. 12. Field Interviews, Arrests and Jail Searches. 13. Plain View, Consent, Vehicle, and Administrative Searches. 14. USA PATRIOT Act, Foreign Intelligence, and Other Types of Electronic Surveillance Covered by Federal Law. 15. Self-Incrimination. 16. Identification Procedures. 17. Preparing the Case for Court.

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