Test Bank for Contemporary Maternal Newborn Nursing 9th Edition by Ladewig

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Test Bank for Contemporary Maternal Newborn Nursing 9th Edition by Ladewig

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Table of ContentsPART 1: INTRODUCTORY CONCEPTSChapter 1 Contemporary Maternal-Newborn CareChapter 2 Family, Culture, and Complementary Health ApproachesChapter 3 Reproductive Anatomy and PhysiologyChapter 4 Conception and Fetal DevelopmentPART 2: WOMEN’S HEALTH: THE REPRODUCTIVE YEARSChapter 5 Health Promotion for WomenChapter 6 Common Gynecologic ProblemsChapter 7 Families with Special Reproductive ConcernsPART 3: PREGNANCY AND THE FAMILYChapter 8 Physical and Psychologic Changes of PregnancyChapter 9 Antepartum Nursing AssessmentChapter 10 The Expectant Family: Needs and CareChapter 11 Maternal NutritionChapter 12 Pregnancy in Selected PopulationsChapter 13 Assessment of Fetal Well-BeingChapter 14 Pregnancy at Risk: Pregestational ProblemsChapter 15 Pregnancy at Risk: Gestational OnsetPART 4: BIRTH AND THE FAMILYChapter 16 Processes and Stages of Labor and BirthChapter 17 Intrapartum Nursing AssessmentChapter 18 The Family in Childbirth: Needs and CareChapter 19 Pharmacologic Pain ManagementChapter 20 Childbirth at Risk: Pre-Labor and Intrapartum ComplicationsChapter 21 Childbirth at Risk: Labor-Related ComplicationsChapter 22 Birth-Related ProceduresPART 5: THE NEWBORNChapter 23 The Physiologic Responses of the Newborn to BirthChapter 24 Nursing Assessment of the NewbornChapter 25 Normal Newborn: Needs, Care, and FeedingChapter 26 The Newborn at Risk: Conditions Present at BirthChapter 27 The Newborn at Risk: Birth-Related StressorsPART 6: POSTPARTUMChapter 28 Postpartum Adaptation and Nursing AssessmentChapter 29 The Postpartum Family: Early Care Needs and Home CareChapter 30 The Postpartum Family at Risk

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