Test Bank for Community Based Corrections 10th Edition by Alarid

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Test Bank for Community Based Corrections 10th Edition by Alarid

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Part I: OVERVIEW OF EVOLUTION OF COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS.1. An Overview of Community Corrections: Goals and Evidence Practices.2. How Probation Developed: Chronicling Its Past and Present.3. History of Paroles and Mandatory Release.Part II: TECHNIQUES OF EVIDENCE-BASED COMMUNITY CORRECTIONAL SUPERVISION.4. Pretrial Supervision, Sentencing, and Presentence Investigation Report.5. Classification and Supervision.6. Community Supervision for Offenders with Special Needs.7. Community Supervision Modification and Revocation.Part III: ENHANCEMENTS AND GRADUATED SANCTION.8. Residential Community Supervision Programs.9. Nonresidential Graduated Sanctions.10. Economic and Restorative Justice Reparations.Part IV: SPECIAL ISSUES IN COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS.11. Prisoner Reentry: Collateral Consequences, Parole, and Mandatory Release.12. Career Pathways in Community Corrections.13. Juvenile Justice, Probation, and Parole.14. Bringing It All Together: Practical Solutions for Community-Based Corrections.

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