Test Bank for Clinical Medical Assisting 6th Edition by Lindh

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Test Bank for Clinical Medical Assisting 6th Edition by Lindh

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TABLE OF CONTENTSSection I: GENERAL PROCEDURES. Unit 1: Introduction to Medical Assisting and Health Professions. 1. The Medical Assisting Profession. 2. Health Care Settings and the Health Care Team. Unit 2: The Therapeutic Approach. 3. Coping Skills for the Medical Assistant. 4. Therapeutic Communication Skills. 6. The Therapeutic Approach to the Patient with a Life-Threatening Illness. Unit 3: Responsible Medical Practice. 7. Legal Considerations. 8. Ethical Considerations. 9. Emergency Procedures and First Aid. Section II: CLINICAL PROCEDURES. Unit 4: Integrated Clinical Procedures. 10. Infection Control and Medical Asepsis. 11. The Patient History and Documentation. 12. Vital Signs and Measurements. 13. The Physical Examination. Unit 5: Assisting with Specialty Examinations and Procedures. 14. Obstetrics and Gynecology. 15. Pediatrics. 16. Male Reproductive System. 17. Gerontology. 18. Examinations and Procedures of Body Systems. Unit 6: Advanced Techniques and Procedures. 19. Assisting with Minor Surgery. 20. Diagnostic Imaging. 21. Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Modalities. 22. Nutrition in Health and Disease. 23. Basic Pharmacology. 24. Calculation of Medication Dosage and Medication Administration. 25. Cardiac Procedures. Unit 7: Laboratory Procedures. 26. Regulatory Guidelines for Safety and Quality in the Medical Laboratory. 27. Introduction to the Medical Laboratory. 28. Phlebotomy: Venipuncture and Capillary Puncture. 29. Hematology. 30. Urinalysis. 31. Basic Microbiology. 32. Specialty Laboratory Tests. Section III: PROFESSIONAL PROCEDURES. Unit 8: Office and Human Resources Management. 33. The Medical Assistant as Clinic Manager. 34. The Medical Assistant as Human Resources Manager. Unit 9: Entry into the Profession. 35. Preparing for Medical Assisting Credentials. 35. Employment Strategies.

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