Test Bank for By The People 1st Edition by Fraser

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Test Bank for By The People 1st Edition by Fraser

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PART 1: CONTACT AND EXPLORATION, 1491—1607 1. The World Before 1492 2. First Encounters, First Conquests, 1492—1607PART 2: SETTLEMENTS OLD AND NEW, 1607—1754 3. Settlements, Alliances, and Resistance, 1607—1718 4. Creating the Culture of British North America, 1689—1754PART 3: A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM–CREATING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1754—1800 5. The Making of a Revolution, 1754—1783 6. Creating a Nation, 1783—1788 7. Practicing Democracy, 1789—1800PART 4: CRAFTING A NATION, PEOPLE, LAND, AND A NATIONAL IDENTITY, 1800—1848 8. Creating a New People, Expanding the Country, 1801—1823 9. New Industries, New Politics, 1815—1828 10. Democracy in the Age of Andrew Jackson, 1828—1844 11. Manifest Destiny: Expanding the Nation, 1830—1853PART 5: EXPANSION, SEPARATION, AND A NEW UNION, 1844—1877 12. Living in a Nation of Changing Lands, Changing Faces, Changing Expectations, 1831—1854 13. The Politics of Separation, 1850—1861 14. And the War Came: The Civil War, 1861—1865 15. Reconstruction, 1865—1877PART 6: BECOMING AN INDUSTRIAL WORLD POWER–COSTS, BENEFITS, AND RESPONSES, 1865—1914 16. Conflict in the West, 1865—1912 17. The Gilded Age: Building a Technological and Industrial Giant and a New Social Order, 1876—1913 18. Responses to Industrialism, Responses to Change, 1877—1914 19. Progressive Movements, Progressive Politics, 1879—1917PART 7: WAR, PROSPERITY, AND DEPRESSION, 1890—1945 20. Foreign Policy and War in a Progressive Era, 1890—1919 21. A Unique, Prosperous, and Discontented Time, 1919—1929 22. Living in Hard Times, 1929—1939 23. Living in a World at War, 1939—1945PART 8: FEARS, JOYS, AND LIMITS, 1945—1980 24. The World the War Created, 1945—1952 25. Complacency and Change, 1952—1965 26. Lives Changed, 1961—1968 27. Rights, Reaction, and Limits, 1968—1980PART 9: CERTAINTY, UNCERTAINTY, AND NEW BEGINNINGS, 1980 TO THE PRESENT 28. The Reagan Revolution, 1980—1989 29. A New World Order, 1989—2001 30. Entering a New Time, 2001—to the Present

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