Test Bank for Brock Biology of Microorganisms 14th Edition by Madigan

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Test Bank for Brock Biology of Microorganisms 14th Edition by Madigan

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Table of ContentsI. THE FOUNDATIONS OF MICROBIOLOGY1. Microorganisms and Microbiology2. Microbial Cell Structure and Function 3. Nutrition, Culture, and Metabolism4. Molecular Microbiology5. Microbial Growth and Growth ControlII. GENOMICS, GENETICS, AND VIROLOGY6. Microbial Genomics7. Metabolic Regulation8. Genetics of Bacteria and Archaea9. Viruses and Virology10. Genomics and Phylogeny of Viruses11. Genetic Engineering and BiotechnologyIII. METABOLIC AND MICROBIAL DIVERSITY12. Metabolic Diversity of Bacteria and Archaea13. Microbial Evolution and Systematics14. Phylogenetic Diversity of Bacteria15. Functional and Ecological Diversity of Bacteria16. Diversity of Archaea17. Diversity of Microbial EukaryaIV. MICROBIAL ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY18. Tools of the Microbial Ecologist 19. Microbial Ecosystems20. Nutrient Cycles in Nature21. Microbiology of the Built Environment22. Microbial SymbiosesV. PATHOGENICITY AND IMMUNOLOGY23. Microbial Interactions with Humans24. Principles of Immunology and Host Defense25. Immune Mechanisms26. Molecular Immunology27. Clinical Microbiology and ImmunologyVI. INFECTIOUS DISEASES AND THEIR TRANSMISSION28. Epidemiology29. Person-to-Person Bacterial and Viral Diseases30. Vectorborne and Soilborne Bacterial and Viral Diseases 31. Common Source Diseases: Food and Water32. Fungal and Parasitic Diseases

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