Test Bank for Anthropology 14th Edition by Haviland

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Test Bank for Anthropology 14th Edition by Haviland

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1. The Essence of Anthropology.2. Biology, Genetics, and Evolution.3. Living Primates.4. Primate Behavior.5. Field Methods in Archaeology and Paleoanthropology.6. The First Bipeds.7. Early Homo and the Origins of Culture.8. The Global Expansion of Homo sapiens and Their Technology.9. The Neolithic Revolution: The Domestication of Plants and Animals.10. The Emergence of Cities and States.11. Modern Human Diversity: Race and Racism.12. Human Adaptation to a Changing World.13. The Characteristics of Culture.14. Ethnographic Research: Its History, Methods, and Theories.15. Language and Communication.16. Social Identity, Personality, and Gender.17. Patterns of Subsistence.18. Economic Systems.19. Sex, Marriage, and Family.20. Kinship and Descent.21. Grouping by Gender, Age, Common Interest, and Social Class.22. Politics, Power, and Violence.23. Spirituality, Religion, and the Supernatural.24. The Arts.25. Processes of Change.26. Global Changes, Local Responses, and the Role of Anthropology.

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