Solution Manual for Classical Electromagnetism by Franklin

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Solution Manual for Classical Electromagnetism by Franklin

Download FREE Sample Here for Solution Manual for Classical Electromagnetism by Franklin. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

Table of Contents1. Foundations of Electrostatics.2. Further Development of Electrostatics.3. Methods of Solution in Electrostatics.4. Spherical and Cylindrical Coordinates.5. Greens Functions.6. Electrostatics in Matter.7. Magnetostatics.8. Magnetization and Ferromagnetism.9. Time Varying Fields, Maxwells Equations.10. Electromagnetic Plane Waves.11. Electromagentic Waves in Matter.12. Wave Guides and Cavities.13. Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering.14. Special Relativity.15. The Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies.

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