Solution Manual for Auditing Cases An Interactive Learning Approach 6th Edition by Beasley

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Solution Manual for Auditing Cases An Interactive Learning Approach 6th Edition by Beasley

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Table of ContentsIntroduction: Professional JudgmentSection 1: Client Acceptance1.1 Ocean Manufacturing, Inc. Section 2: Understanding the Client?s Business and Assessing Risk2.1 2.2 Apple Inc 2.3 Flash Technologies, Inc. . 2.4 Asher Farms Inc. . Section 3: Professional and Ethical Issues3.1 A Day in the Life of Brent Dorsey . 3.2 Nathan Johnson?s Rental Car Reimbursement . 3.3 The Anonymous Caller . 3.4 WorldCom . 3.5 Hollinger International Section 4: Accounting Fraud and Auditor Legal Liability4.1 Enron Corporation and Andersen, LLP 4.2 Comptronix Corporation4.3 Cendant Corporation 4.4 Waste Management, Inc. 4.5 Xerox Corporation 4.6 Phar-Mor, Inc. 4.7 Satyam Computer Services Limited Section 5: Internal Control over Financial Reporting5.1 Simply Steam, Co. 5.2 Easy Clean, Co. 5.3 Red Bluff Inn & Caf? 5.4 St. James Clothiers 5.5 Collins Harp Enterprises 5.6 Sarbox Scooter, Inc. 5.7 Soci?t? G?n?rale Section 6: The Impact of Information Technology6.1 Harley-Davidson, Inc. 6.2 Jacksonville Jaguars . Section 7: Planning Materiality7.1 Anne Aylor, Inc. Section 8: Analytical Procedures8.1 Laramie Wire Manufacturing 8.2 Northwest Bank 8.3 Burlingham Bees Section 9: Auditing Cash, Fair Value, and Revenues9.1 Wally?s Billboard & Sign Supply 9.2 Henrico Retail, Inc. 9.3 Longeta Corporation 9.4 Buds Big Blue Manufacturing 9.5 Morris Mining Corporation 9.6 Hooplah, Inc. 9.7 RedPack Beer Company Section 10: Planning and Performing Audit Procedures in the Revenue and Expenditure Cycles: An Audit SImulation10.1 Southeast Shoe Distributor, Inc. 10.2 Southeast Shoe Distributor, Inc. 10.3 Southeast Shoe Distributor, Inc. 10.4 Southeast Shoe Distributor, Inc. 10.5 Southeast Shoe Distributor, Inc. Section 11: Developing and Evaluating Audit Documentation11.1 The Runners Shop . Section 12: Completing the Audit, Reporting to Management, and External Reporting12.1 EyeMax Corporation 12.2 Auto Parts, Inc. 12.3 K&K Inc. 12.4 Surfer Dude Duds, Inc. 12.5 Murchison Technologies, Inc. 12.6 Going Green

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